It is important to hold your teeth in their new and corrected positions after treatment completion. Retainers do this, but only if they are worn as instructed.

Upper Removable Retainers

The upper retainer MUST be worn 24 hours each day. The doctor will tell you when to reduce the wearing time. You may take the retainer out to brush. Your upper retainer should be brushed after you eat with toothpaste and water only. It should not be boiled or washed with alcohol as this causes the plastic to change shape.

Bonded Retainer Instructions

Bonded retainers are smooth and comfortable causing no irritation to the mouth or tongue. We do stress that you continue proper oral hygiene by brushing after each meal and flossing at least once a day. Bonded retainers are usually used behind your lower front six teeth to make sure these teeth stay in alignment and that relapse does not occur. Although your lower retainer is strong, please be careful when eating crunchy foods, like carrots and apples.


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